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Other Work:

'Moysa' inauguration

In this section you will find a collection of PDF references to G. E. Lazaridis' further work as a composer of  symphonic music.

The Music Scores presented herewith,  are meant for demonstration purposes only.   All Rights are strictly Reserved by the Composer


If you would like to discuss the performance of either work, or if you may wish to reference this material in your own research project, please contact G. E. Lazaridis to seek relevant permissions. 


The attached PDF contains 3 large scale symphonic works by G.E. L. (full scores). These are "Deisis", "Ek Nekron" and "Requiem For Smyrna".  While these works are indicative of Lazaridis' symphonic music writing,  they do not constitute an exhaustive presentation of his complete compositional work, which includes many more compositions for difference ensembles in mixed aesthetic styles.


For an overview of Lazaridis' compositions, check the detailed CV provided in the  "Who is G.E.L."  section. To discuss the performance of any work and order relevant scores, please contact G. E. Lazaridis . 

All material in this section can be accessed by clicking on the  '"Music Scores'  tab (the  + sign on mobile devices)  and selecting  the submenu

The relevant  PDF will open in a new window (or new tab in your browser). Please be patient while you wait for the download to complete, as it may take a while according to your internet connection speed.

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