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lazaridis on the radio

Listen to   G.E.L.

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Greek Radio FM958

11 April 2018

lazaridis on the radio

Listen to   G.E.L.

talk about  his work

BBC Radio 3, U.K.

12 April 2014

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George Emmanuel Lazaridis is a multi-talented, widely recognised musical personality and a leader in Greece's contemporary cultural scene developments.

​His flourishing international career as a classical pianist has taken him to the most prestigious venues in over 60 countries, since age 11. Either in recital, as soloist with world renowned orchestras and conductors, or in collaboration with chamber music ensembles and recognised artists world wide, Lazaridis has been described as a formidable composer one of the finest pianists of his generation.

During 30 years of uninterrupted creative presence on the Greek and international music scenes, Lazaridis’ ability to capture and mesmerise listener, both in concert as well as through his celebrated recordings, has been repeatedly recognised by audiences, colleagues and music critics world wide. 

However, what sets Lazaridis apart as a unique musical personality is his genuinely open-minded approach to music as a unified, indivisible entity of physically and mentally meaningful frequencies, and a tool for world peace and social cohesion.



Born into a family of artists and philosophers, he has grown to approach all kinds of music and musicians with equal seriousness and respect, always searching for the true value in any and every kind of genuine musical creation. Moreover, Lazaridis’ active involvement in the establishment of new institutions for music and education, has led him to understand music as a powerful source of world-binding energy.

These qualities show in his own, multi-faceted, widely explorative musical compositions, which often cross over genres in daring, bold creative conceptions. Commissions by organisations such as Europa Cantat, Birmingham New Arts and Athens International Festivals as well as collaborations with legendary idols such as Maria Farandouri and Barbara Hendricks, have taken Lazaridis' unsettling creativity from concert to theatre and dance music, from classical forms to pop aesthetics, from traditional music scoring to experimental studio-produced projects.

Lazaridis' recognition amongst modern times’ keyboard giants, his unique artistry as a diverse composer, his experience as successful artistic director of major cultural organisations and co-founder of new music societies and innovatory ensembles, combined with his ability to mentor and inspire younger musicians, make him into a rare, fascinating, kaleidoscopic personality.

G.E.L. describes himself as a classically trained pianist and composer who encapsulates the spirit of a progressive rocker. Through his own performances and composition experiments as well as through his teachings, interviews, public statements on music and all aspects of his social life, he seeks to inspire the world to understand and to embrace the magic and power of music as a whole. 

He believes that every cell of every human carries the DNA of an entire Universe.


By analogy, he believes the music of Pink Floyd and Queen contain much of Beethoven's genius and, indeed, vise versa. On a larger scale, Lazaridis believes that most of humanity’s conflicts stem from people’s lack of trust in each other. A fact which, in turn, stems from our lack of self-acceptance as diverse, multi dimensional, complete beings, which yet contain each other.

This website aims to gradually archive and showcase the history, the present activityand the philosophy of a progressive classical musician, who begun his musical journey as a wunderkind and grew up striving to celebrate the value in every kind of good music. Someone who seeks to rid the world of dividing lines, by helping to unite it in peace through pulse and vibration.

We hope that you enjoy exploring this website and that you will often visit back, as it should be constantly developing and expanding further. 


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